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What I Offer

I give English lessons online, via Skype, Google Chat, or any other service where voice or video chat is possible, and normally charge 18 US dollars per hour. I can assist you with:

Conversational Practice
Grammar and Writing
Exam Preparation
Preparing for Interviews
Learning Specialized Vocabulary
Editing and Proofreading Documents

I use PayPal for payment processing (I normally send an invoice via email). I also offer a satisfaction guarantee: I will take payment after the lesson is over, and not in advance. If you are unsatisfied, there is no obligation to pay.

I can schedule flexibly to meet the needs of each student, and can work with anyone who already understands basic English. For more information, you are welcome to contact me at

More About Me

I'm an American English tutor, born and raised in New York. I completed my bachelor's degree in history and political science at Stony Brook University, where I tutored international students in English as a hobby for three years. After my bachelor's, I entered a master's program to become a high school history teacher, but was unable to complete my program, because my disability made it difficult for me to travel. I use a wheelchair, and the transit system in my area was very bad. Because my family could not afford a specially modified car or van, I wasn't able to consider other jobs in my area, either.

I returned to my university to attempt further studies in history, but became very sick, and had to go on a medical leave of absence. I was very depressed, until one of my friends from Russia, in thanks for a favor, posted an advertisement for me as an English tutor on her company's message board. I began working as a tutor via the internet in November 2011, and I love what I do. I plan to start my masters in English through an online program with the University of Memphis in June, and I look forward to working with more students from all over the world.

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  1. I’ve been studying English with Blake since November 2011. Initially the main aim of the lessons was to improve my speaking skills for interviews. Even after the first lessons I already felt the result: it became much easier to talk and understand native speakers.

    One of Blake's most important professional skills is his individual approach to every student. At the beginning of study Blake gives articles with different levels of complexity to define gaps in knowledge, both in grammar and vocabulary. Blake also chooses the topics of articles individually, depending on the wishes and needs of every student. I assure you, that no matter which topic is chosen, Blake investigates it thoroughly during his spare time and selects lots of interesting and useful materials.

    It also must be mentioned that Blake pays great attention to correct pronunciation of words, which is not always emphasized by other tutors.

    As for his personal characteristics, it’s easy for Blake to get along with people, he’s very communicative, attentive and interesting as a person.

    I've recommended Blake to my friends, who also study English with him on a continuing basis. He works with lots of Russian-speaking students, so he understands our accent and manner of speaking, being able to show both our the mistakes we usually make and the correct way how to write and speak.